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Reconsecrated at the end of 2000, the magnificent 3-manual organ is one of the finest in the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese. The foundation of this instrument was the organ of Clare College, Cambridge, which was purchased in 1970 together with its ornate case. It was substantially altered and enlarged by Noel Mander of London before installation in the south chapel in 1971. The original pipe work dating from the 1870s was by Gray & Davison and had been revoiced by Harrison & Harrison in 1911.

In 2000 Woods of Huddersfield replaced the worn out action with a modern microprocessor based solid state system and thoroughly cleaned and overhauled the whole instrument. They also completed the 32ft pedal reed which had previously been effected electronically.

There is a detailed history of the organs, compiled in 1971 by Nicholas Thistlewaite with a final chapter by John Rose.

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