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Fundraising is an essential "task" in the church's life, its "vision" and work to continue, and ensuring that the church is there for all those in need.

The Church offers a choice of regular services, as well as holding baptism, wedding, funeral and special services. Our work in the community supports and provides for a wide range of people's needs.

   –   offering a warm welcome at regular and special services

   –   helping people prepare for baptism, wedding and funeral services

   –   providing activities and events for people to attend

   –   working with children and young people

   –   comforting the sick and bereaved

   –   caring and sharing in the joys and sorrows

   –   being a focal point in the centre of town

To do this, St. Peter's relies on the regular giving of time and money and is very grateful for past generosity. Support is needed not only from the regular congregation, but also from people in the community who may not attend church regularly, but may wish to use their parish church on special occasions. We are always grateful to receive donations.

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